• Course Length:
  • 2 hour of eLearning

As the communications industry transitions to wireless and wireline converged networks to support voice, video, data and mobile services over IP, a solid understanding of IP and its role in networking is essential. IP is to data transfer as a dial tone is to a wireline telephone. A fundamental knowledge of IPv4 and IPv6 networking along with use of routing is a must for all telecom professionals. A solid foundation in IP and routing has become a basic job requirement in the carrier world. Understanding of IP routing protocols is an important part of building this foundation. Starting with a basic definition, the course provides a focused base level introduction to the fundamentals of IP routing and associated protocols like OSPF, BGP, and VRRP. It is a modular introductory course only on IP routing as part of the overall eLearning IP fundamentals curriculum.

This course is intended for those seeking a basic level introduction to IP routing and the common associated protocols.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
■ Define the differences between IP routing and forwarding
■ Distinguish between Interior Gateway Protocols and Exterior Gateway Protocols
■ Explain Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) and how it is used
■ List the main types of Link State Advertisements in OSPF
■ Describe Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and how it is used
■ Show how route reflectors simplify network configuration and reduce routing overhead
■ Explain how PING can be used to verify end-to-end connectivity in an IP Network
■ Describe how Traceroute can be used to track down routing errors in a network

1. What is IP routing?
1.1 IP routing basics
1.2 Routing and forwarding
1.3 Routing protocols

2. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
2.1 OSPF basics
2.2 A closer look at OSPF

3. Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
3.1 BGP basics
3.2 A closer look at BGP
3.3 Scaling BGP

4. Redundancy Protocols
4.1 Introduction
4.2 VRRP
4.3 GLBP

5. Debugging Tools and Utilities
5.1 PING
5.2 Traceroute

6. Summary


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