• Course Length:
  • 30 minutes

Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization are reshaping what networks look like and how they are managed, and are providing significant competitive advantages for those providers who understand and deploy SDN and NFV based solutions. These solutions can improve customer response time and customer satisfaction, reduce errors and provide dynamic solutions that can automatically adjust to customer needs. This self-paced eLearning course provides a high-level understanding of the potential impact of SDN and NFV. It focuses on the business drivers behind the technology and an introduction into what is SDN and NFV without diving into too many details.

The course is intended for all that are interested in understanding what are SDN and NFV, what are some key drivers, benefits and what the journey to SDN and NFV may look like.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Summarize key drivers behind SDN and NFV
• Explain the fundamental shift that SDN and NFV enables
• Describe SDN and NFV each in a sentence
• Describe the differences between an SDN and NFV-based solution and a traditional approach
• Identify some key challenges involved with implementing SDN and NFV on a large scale

1. Introduction
2. What is SDN and NFV?
3. Meeting the Customer Demand
4. Decoupling Creates Efficiency
5. Building Blocks
6. Virtual Network on Physical Infrastructure
7. SDN and NFV Drivers
8. Paradigm Shift
9. SDN and NFV Shifts
10. Define SDN and NFV
11. NFV at a Glance
12. Software-Defined Networking
13. Centralized Control, Distributed Traffic
14. SDN in Action
15. Terminology
16. SDN Concepts and Their Roles
17. Key Benefits
18. The Journey to SDN and NFV
19. The Journey Has Begun
20. Conclusion


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