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  • Course Length:
  • 2 Days Instructor Led

This course describes the end-to-end 5G network (5GC, NG-RAN and IMS) and related operations for implementation of Voice over New Radio (VoNR). It provides key features and functionalities for the VoNR service including descriptions of the signaling procedures for IMS registration, Call Setup and release. The course also provides the description and signaling required for EPS fallback to VoLTE and procedures for emergency calling in 5G. The architecture for these services is described together with call flows showing the relationships between network functions in the 5G and 4G RAN and core systems and the IMS and PCC networks. The course will provide hands on exercises for students using log files if available.

This technical course is intended for planning, design, engineering and operations personnel who need an understanding of VoNR and EPS Fallback in 5G.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Sketch the architecture for voice services in 5G
• Describe the VoNR and EPS fallback services
• Illustrate the signaling flow for VoNR calls in 5G
• Describe the codecs used for VoNR
• Sketch the signaling procedures for EPS fallback
• Identify call flows for emergency services in 5G

1. Voice services in 5G
1.1 4G, 5G and IMS network architecture
1.2 Introduction to EPS Fallback
1.3 Introduction to VoNR
Exercise: Voice Services Exercise

2. EPS Fallback
2.1 Network functions for EPS fallback
2.2 UE and RAN measurement reporting
2.3 VoNR to VoLTE EPS Fallback signaling
Exercise: QoS flow to EPS bearer mapping
Exercise: EPS Fallback

3. Voice over NR (VoNR)
3.1 VoNR service
3.2 QoS flow setup for SIP signaling
3.3 IMS Registration in 5G
3.4 Codec usage in VoNR for voice and
Exercise: VoNR and IMS

4. VoNR Calls
4.1 IMS Call Model
4.2 VoNR call setup
4.3 QoS in 5G
4.4 QoS flow establishment for media
4.5 VoNR call release
Exercise: VoNR call flow exercises
4.6 Adding video to voice call
4.7 QoS for Video
Exercise: VoNR call setup with voice and video

5. Emergency calls in 5G
5.1 5G and IMS for Emergency calling
5.2 Emergency call set up in 5G
5.3 Emergency call using EPS fallback
Exercise: Emergency calls in 5G

Suggested Prerequisites

5G Networks and Services

Working knowledge of VoLTE, LTE and IMS operations