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  • Course Length:
  • 1 Day Instructor Led

The 5G network has been designed to better support containerization. Containerized Network Functions allow for higher capacity, but they have a number of challenges around networking, performance, isolation, and orchestration. The course provides a high-level introduction to deploying a containerized network – in terms of the architecture, requirements, challenges, operations, and management – and how they relate and complement one another.

This course is intended for personnel who are looking for a high-level introduction to Containerized Network Functions and Kubernetes/Docker based cloud environments.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
■ Discuss applications of containerized network functions (i.e. 5G)
■ Compare Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud options
■ Identify key service deployment considerations
■ Discuss the role of containerization on networks (i.e. 5G)
■ Define networking challenges of containerization
■ List and describe Containerized NF Life Cycle Management

1. Network Virtualization Architecture
1.1 5G Core and Edge network as a use case
1.2 Container and VM based Network Functions
1.3 Orchestration

2. Virtualized Infrastructure
2.1 Private vs public vs hybrid cloud
2.2 Kubernetes, Docker
2.3 AWS, Azure as public cloud options
2.4 Networking considerations
2.5 Storage considerations
2.6 Security considerations

3. Network Functions Virtualization
3.1 Service Based Architecture
3.2 Containerized NFs
3.3 Microservices
3.4 Comparing to Virtual Machine Based NFs

4. Service Deployment Considerations
4.1 System level performance
4.2 Reliability, Scalability, Monitoring
4.3 Orchestrator requirements
4.4 Life Cycle Management