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  • Course Length:
  • 3 Days Instructor Led

Communication Service Providers’ networks are evolving to virtualized network with deployment of VNFs in the cloud through automation and orchestration. In this workshop, students explore the deployment of VNFs in a cloud through VNF instantiation, configuration and connectivity to the rest of the network. Students monitors various events of the VM such as logging, alarms, KPI monitoring, tracing, restore and upgrade. Once the students have the foundation of all troubleshooting related artifacts, they go through various break-fix scenarios to build the problem isolation skills through hands-on exercises.

This course is intended for a technical audience in engineering, deployment, operation, and performance monitoring that has knowledge of networking applications.

After completing this course, the participant will be able to:
• Describe connectivity in the cloud based global network
• Step through the intra and inter-data center connectivity and the role of underlay and overlay networks
• Step through the VNF instantiation process and configuring VNF for connectivity
• Examine the monitoring configuration for a VNF or Service
• Isolate communication issues related to VNF connectivity
• Capture and analyze VNF interactions using the virtual probe
• Analyze the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Key Capacity Indicators (KCI) and Telemetry to monitor VNF performance
• Perform the VNF Backup and Restore processes
• Perform basic Validation Testing of networked entities
• Differentiate between configuration vs. networking issues

1. End-to-End SDN enabled Network Architecture
1.1. Underlay and Overlay connectivity

2. VNF Deployment in Cloud
2.1. Role of VNF Descriptor
2.2. Networking for the VM
2.3. VM instantiation and configuration
2.4. Role of VNF Manager
2.5. VLAN vs. VXLAN and NV-GRE
2.6. VM-VM connectivity
2.7. Overlay Operations
2.8. SDN and VIM Interworking
2.9. Exercises: Successful VM instantiation

3. VNF Monitoring
3.1. OAM lifecycle of VNF
3.2. VNF logging and monitoring
3.3. Exercises: VM monitoring

4. VNF Connectivity Analysis
4.1. Intra-VNF communication
4.2. Inter-VNF communication
4.3. Intra Compute host VM connectivity
4.4. Inter Compute host VM connectivity
4.5. Exercises: VNF connectivity

5. Tracing and Probing VNF
5.1. Message tracing architecture
5.2. Virtual & Physical probes
5.3. Intra-VNF tracing configuration
5.4. Inter-VNF tracing configuration
5.5. Analyzing traces
5.6. Exercises: VNF tracing

6. VNF Analytics
6.1. Performance and KPIs of a VNF
6.2. Monitoring KPIs of VNF
6.3. Event triggers
6.4. Exercises: Analyzing VNF KPIs

7. VNF Backup and Restore Operations
7.1. VNF maintenance lifecycle events
7.2. VNF backup and restore procedure
7.3. Exercises: Perform backup and restore of a VNF

Suggested Prerequisites

• OpenStack Workshop for SDN and NFV (Instructor Led)
• SDN and NFV Architecture and Operations (Instructor Led)
• NETCONF/YANG Configuration Workshop (Instructor Led)