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  • Course Length:
  • 3 Days Instructor Led

Network configuration tools are increasingly important as more network services move to the cloud. In the past, SNMP has been a standard tool for this task but now it is being superseded by NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol) and the associated YANG (Yet Another Next Generation) standard. NETCONF has important features which go beyond the capabilities on SNMP. Network operating center workflows will change as we move toward configuration with NETCONF. In this class, the student will update and implement YANG data models and use NETCONF configuration. We will also use YANG modeling for network service and Virtual Network Functions (VNF) models in NFV.

This hands-on course is designed for network operations, planning, engineering, management or other related functions.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Discuss how does YANG modeling and NETCONF apply to NFV and SDN networks
• Elaborate on YANG modeling
• Discuss NETCONF and its relationship to YANG
• List alternatives to NETCONF
• Describe, update, and build a YANG data model for an NFV network service and VNFs
• Differentiate between NETCONF usage for configuration management and control plane.
• Demonstrate Importing data models and running NETCONF configuration
• Utilize the tools such as ConfD, yang-explorer, WebUI, RESTAPI to perform various network functions/device configuration.
• Describe the goals of end to end network automation

1. YANG and NETCONF for NFV and SDN Networks
1.1. Why NETCONF and YANG?
1.2. NETCONF for network management
1.3. Applicability in NFV and SDN networks
1.3.1. TOSCA vs YANG
Exercise: Lab access and setup

2. YANG Data Models
2.1. Introduction to data modeling
2.2. YANG data modeling
2.3. YANG model components
Exercise: Create a YANG model

3. YIN XML Introduction
3.1. YANG-YIN conversion process
3.2. XML structure highlights
3.3. YANG to YIN
Exercise: YANG to YIN, and other YANG
model viewing options

4.1. Introduction to SNMP
4.3. Northbound interface auto rendering
Exercise: Northbound interface auto
rendering and usage

5. NETCONF Introduction
5.1. Purpose of NETCONF
5.2. NETCONF features
5.3. NETCONF layers
Exercise: NETCONF datastores

6. NETCONF Operations
6.1. NETCONF protocol handshake
6.2. NETCONF datastores
6.3. Main NETCONF operations
6.4. NETCONF server discovery
Exercise: NETCONF operations

7. YANG for NFV
7.1. NFV data modeling
7.2. YANG modeling for NFV

Suggested Prerequisites

• OpenStack Workshop for SDN and NFV (Instructor Led)
• SDN and NFV Architecture and Operations (Instructor Led)

It is highly recommended that students use more than one monitor for this workshop