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  • 0.5 day Instructor Led

5G and virtualized/containerized networks bring a new level of complexity and data. In this new world, the ability to automate tasks has become more critical to maintain and optimize networks. This course provides an overview of automation and how it can be used within the telecom industry. Automation is explored from a definition, functional and specific uses perspective. It starts with an introduction to automation. The course then moves to use cases and an exploration of two key tools that are used today for automation, Python and Ansible. The course concludes with a discussion on data visualization, which can be used in conjunction with automation tools to help analyze data.

A high-level technical overview to personnel involved in product management, marketing, planning, design, engineering, and operating wireless (4G, 5G) and wireline access networks

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
■ Describe Automation
■ Compare key automation use cases
■ Describe Python functions and use cases
■ Describe Ansible functions and use cases
■ Explore data visualization

1. Automation Overview
1.1 Goals of Automation
1.2 Process of Automation

2. Automation Use Cases
2.1 Automation Use Case Criteria
2.2 Automation Needs

3. Automation and Python
3.1 What is Python?
3.2 Python, Libraries and Automation

4. Automation and Ansible
4.1 What is Ansible?
4.2 Ansible and DevOps

5. Data Visualization
5.1 Why Visualize Data?
5.2 Data Visualization Big Picture