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  • 0.5 day Instructor Led

Many forward-looking leaders recognize that the technological functions we use on a daily basis can be virtualized and moved to a cloud computing environment. This class surveys the topic of containers and microservices along with their applications and their implementations used in the industry. The student will learn about the concept of containers and microservices as well as their use cases and landscape.

A high-level technical overview to personnel involved in product management, marketing, planning, design, engineering, and operations.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Differentiate between light weight and heavy weight virtualization
• Describe software container
• Describe key use cases for software containers
• Describe key use cases for software micro-services
• Identify the key container life-cycle management concepts
• Step through the examples of uses of micro-services

1. Introduction to Containers
1.1 Types of virtualization
1.2 Container architecture

2. Container Landscape
2.1 Technology landscape
2.2 Use cases

3. Container and Microservices
3.1 Microservice architecture
3.2 Microservices use cases

4. Container Orchestration
4.1 Container Orchestration landscape
4.2 Container life-cycle management

5. Putting It All Together
5.1 Container example
5.2 Microservice example

Suggested Prerequisites

Technology Primer: Cloud and Virtualization

Working knowledge of Cloud, Virtualization, and NFV


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