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  • 0.5 Day Instructor Led

This half day Technology Primer introduces the concepts of DevOps, its process, challenges, benefits and skill requirements. The course provides an overall view of the transition from traditional process to a DevOps based process. We then provide examples of DevOps applications and discuss the lifecycle of a DevOps application. As networks transform to a virtualized platform, we will discuss the intersect of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Orchestration.

This technology primer is designed for a wide range of audiences including operations, engineering, and performance personnel, as well as other personnel requiring a technical introduction DevOps.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Explain the DevOps principles
• Discuss the importance of DevOps
• Summarize DevOps benefits and challenges
• Discuss the Intersect of DevOps and NFV
• Explain areas of where DevOps can be applied
• Describe the lifecycle of an application using DevOps

1. DevOps Introduction
1.1. DevOps what and why?
1.2. Life of an application
2. DevOps Benefits and Challenges
2.1. DevOps benefits
2.2. Benefits challenges
2.3. DevOps where and how?
3. DevOps applications
3.1. Software applications
3.2. Sample use cases
4. DevOps Process
4.1. Traditional process
4.2. DevOps process
4.3. DevOps vs. Agile process
5. DevOps Tools
5.1. DevOps tool chain
5.2. Key DevOps tools
5.3. Infrastructure as code
6. Putting it-all-together
6.1. DevOps and business agility
6.2. DevOps in the virtual world
6.3. DevOps and Orchestration working together


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