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Cloud computing is transforming telecom service provider networks and ONAP enables the design, creation, and lifecycle management of network services. This course provides a conceptual understanding of the benefits, capabilities, architecture as well as the functionality provided by each of the key ONAP components. Finally, the high-level operations of ONAP and its role in orchestration and service’s telemetry is discussed.

This course is designed for professionals in the industry who need to develop a high-level understanding of ONAP.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
• Explain how ONAP integrates with OpenStack, NFV and SDN
• Explain life cycle management of a service
• Name the components of ONAP and identify their functions
• Identify the functional elements of ONAP Service Design
• Identify the functional elements of ONAP Run-time
• Step through the operation of ONAP in managing services

1. Introduction to ONAP
1.1. Overview of ONAP, NFV, and SDN
1.2. Brief history and ONAP releases
2. ONAP Framework
2.1. Lifecycle management of resources/services
2.2. ONAP platform and components
3. ONAP Service Design and Creation
3.1. SDC architecture
3.2. Service creation and models
4. ONAP Runtime
4.1. Service deployment and instantiation
4.2. Service telemetry and workflow
5. Putting it-all-together
5.1. Service Design Example
5.2. Service Instantiation Example

Suggested Prerequisites

• [TPR1010] Technology Primer: Cloud and Virtualization
• [TPR1011] Technology Primer: NFV
• Working knowledge of Cloud, Virtualization, and NFV


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