Self-paced eLearning

Welcome to Award Solutions! This video explains our eLearning training solution.

If you are looking for a quick 1-3 hour overview of a topic, then our self-paced eLearning is the solution for you. Our eLearning has four important features that make your learning experience understandable and intuitive.

First, our eLearning is modular. Each course is broken out into modules that you can watch, answer questions for, and take tests over. You do not have to take each module in order, you can go forwards, backwards, left, and right. This way you can go back over modules you didn’t understand or skip a module you already know.

The second feature is animation. Our eLearning videos are equipped with animations to clearly illustrate each topic.

They are also interactive. There are interactive polls and activities incorporated into each course to make sure you are able to commit each topic to memory.

Last, but not least, our courses are SCORM 1.2 compliant, meaning that our courses will work with most learning management systems.

If you believe this solution is for you, click on the eLearning Course page above to browse our eLearning courses or go back to the homepage and click the eLearning button on the right to learn more about features, licensing, and versions of eLearning that we have available.

As always, thank you for thinking of Award Solutions for your team’s learning needs.