Course Catalog Updates for June 2023

It's officially summer in the northern hemisphere, and it's hot! The hot topic at Award Solutions in this month's catalog is voice solutions in 5G. Join us as we dive into the details of our exciting new courses!


5G Voice Solutions Course - VoNR and EPS Fallback

The 5G Voice Solutions Course - VoNR and EPS Fallback is a four-part, self-passed course focused on supporting voice services in a 5G network.

Part 1, Voice Services in 5G, focuses on the IMS-based voice solutions for 5G, including Voice Over New Radio (VoNR) and EPS Fallback. On a high level, the course explores how VoNR works in a 5G Standalone deployment, emphasizing the importance of EPS Fallback and its role in ensuring seamless voice services during the network transition to full VoNR support.

Part 2, 5G and IMS Registration, focuses on 5G Registration and PDU session setup with the IP Multi-media Subsystem (IMS) for voice services. This training focuses on how 5G voice calls use IMS for voice and an overview of the IMS architecture.

Part 3, EPS Fallback, focuses on the 5G Core and EPC coexistence and the role of a combined core network architecture for voice solutions. The course explores domain selection for voice services and EPS Fallback operations with an overview of SIP signaling for voice calls and moving a user from 5G to LTE during call setup for EPS Fallback.

Part 4, VoNR Operations and Emergency, focuses on the IMS call model for VoNR and the necessary signaling for establishing voice calls in a 5G network. Learners also explore the process of allocating resources in the 5G network for voice transmission, the setup of emergency calls in a 5G network, and the emergency fallback to 4G when the 5G network cannot support emergency calls.


Python Data Structures

Another new course added this month is Python Data Structures. The self-paced, on-demand course is a light-hearted introduction to Python data structures, focusing on a deeper dive into data structures and becoming familiar with ways to organize and access data collections in Python.


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Chris Reece, Technologist, Award Solutions, Inc.

Chris Reece works with leading global service providers, transforming networks and empowering individuals in 5G, Virtualization/Containerization, and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. Service providers rely on Chris to paint both the big picture and the business impact of technology and appreciate his enthusiasm for getting into deep, detailed discussions when needed. You may have seen Chris on Award Solutions' YouTube Channel. In addition, Chris is featured at leading telecom conferences worldwide, including MWC, and in publications like IEEE Spectrum and DZONE.

Chris holds a master's degree in Computer Science Telecommunications from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Cameron University. He also holds four patents in wireless technologies.


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