Course Catalog Updates for September 2023

Autumn has gracefully entered the northern hemisphere, but the lingering warmth persists. Likewise, at Award Solutions, our enthusiasm remains unbroken as we present our freshest additions to the course catalog, featuring engaging content in 5G Voice Solutions and Python Data Structures. Let's unravel the complexities of these exhilarating new courses!


5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback Part 1: Voice Services in 5G

Voice Services in 5G introductory course is the first module within the 5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback series and delves into the 5G Voice Services realm. Within this course, you will gain insight into IMS-based voice solutions tailored for 5G, specifically delving into the intricacies of Voice Over New Radio (VoNR) and EPS Fallback. A high-level exploration will elucidate the inner workings of VoNR within a 5G Standalone deployment. Moreover, you will grasp the critical significance of EPS Fallback and its pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted voice services as the network evolves toward full VoNR support.


5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback Part 2: 5G and IMS Registration

The 5G and IMS Registration course is the second installment in the 5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback series. Within this course, you will delve into the intricacies of 5G Registration and PDU session setup, specifically in conjunction with the IP Multi-media Subsystem (IMS) for voice services. Additionally, you will acquire insights into utilizing IMS in 5G voice calls and gain a broad perspective on the IMS architecture.


5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback Part 3: EPS Fallback

EPS Fallback, the third installment in the 5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback series, is dedicated to 5G Voice Services and delves into the intricacies of 5G Core and EPC coexistence. You'll explore a unified core network architecture's pivotal role in facilitating voice solutions. Additionally, this course will provide insights into domain selection for voice services and the operational aspects of EPS Fallback. During this course, you'll develop a profound understanding of SIP signaling concerning voice calls. You'll also become adept at seamlessly transitioning a user from a 5G network to LTE during the call setup phase, a crucial aspect of EPS Fallback.


5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback Part 4: VoNR Operations and Emergency

VoNR Operations and Emergency marks the culmination of the 5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback series. Within this module, you will delve into the IMS call model for VoNR, gaining insights into the essential signaling procedures required for establishing voice calls within a 5G network. Participants will also understand the resource allocation process in the context of voice transmission within the 5G environment. Furthermore, this course encompasses the intricacies of emergency call setup in a 5G network. It elucidates the mechanisms for seamlessly transitioning to 4G when the 5G network cannot support emergency calls.


Python Data Structures

Python Data Structures is a self-paced, on-demand course that offers a lighthearted exploration of Python data structures. Participants will dive into data structures more deeply and gain familiarity with techniques for organizing and retrieving data collections in Python. Key data structures explored are lists, tuples, and dictionaries.


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Chris Reece works with leading global service providers, transforming networks and empowering individuals in 5G, Virtualization/Containerization, and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. Service providers rely on Chris to paint both the big picture and the business impact of technology and appreciate his enthusiasm for getting into deep, detailed discussions when needed. You may have seen Chris on Award Solutions' YouTube Channel. In addition, Chris is featured at leading telecom conferences worldwide, including MWC, and in publications like IEEE Spectrum and DZONE.

Chris holds a master's degree in Computer Science Telecommunications from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Cameron University. He also holds four patents in wireless technologies.


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