• Course Length:
  • 1 hour

Telecom operators are on the cusp of a multitude of network and business transformation choices. This course (part of multi-part series) provides a high level view of the impact and benefits of the telco cloud infrastructure, the benefits of virtualization, and needs of orchestration. It provides concrete examples of approaches of virtualizations and related orchestrators considered in Telecom networks.

This course is designed for a broad audience of personnel working in the Telecom industry.

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
■ Identify the need for Cloud and Virtualization in Telecom networks
■ Identify approaches of virtualization and compare Virtual Machines and Containers
■ List the needs and benefits of Orchestrators such as OpenStack and Kubernetes

1. Cloud Computing and Virtualization in Telco
1.1 What and why Virtualization?
1.2 Needs for Telco Cloud
1.3 Private, Public, and Hybrid Clouds in Telco Network

2. Approaches of Virtualization
2.1 Compare VMs and Containers
2.2 VNFs and CNFs
2.3 A real world example – Virtualization

3. Need for Orchestrator
3.1 Cloud orchestration
3.2 Role of OpenStack for VMs
3.3 Role of Kubernetes for Containers

Putting it all together
Final assessment


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