Professional Tracks

Our Professional Tracks are created to help provide an ordered training plan per Job role.

One of the key changes in communication networks is an evolution toward Virtualization and Cloud-based networks. Award Solutions’ Network Transformation curriculum focuses on providing courses to help prepare individuals for getting a grasp on tomorrow’s cloud-based networks and offers a wide variety of technology insights to meet every need: Big Data, Cloud Computing Service Models, SDN, OpenFlow, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

The wireless industry is continuing to go through a fast-paced transition. Award Solutions has assembled a comprehensive curriculum suitable to both individuals new to the wireless industry as well as industry veterans who wish to learn more about wireless networks. It is important for individuals in the wireline and wireless industry to fully understand the fundamentals of wireless networks they are expected to design, deploy and support.

Wireless network fundamentals require a solid foundation in 2G and 3G technologies, IP technologies, and the technologies that are enabling interactions between the wireless and traditional wireline technologies.