5G Voice Solutions - VoNR and EPS Fallback Part 4: VoNR Operations and Emergency Calls
5G_226d | On-Demand | 5G Core | 2
Course Duration: 4 hours
This is the final course in a four-course set of self-paced courses encompassing 5G Voice Services. In this course, you will explore the IMS call model for VoNR and the necessary signaling for establishing voice calls in a 5G network. Participants will also learn about the process of allocating resources in the 5G network for voice transmission. This course also covers the operations relating to the setup of emergency calls in a 5G network as well as emergency fallback to 4G when the 5G network cannot support emergency calls. Each course in this four-course set can stand on its own or can be combined with other courses as necessary to meet your learning objectives.
Intended Audience
Planning, design, engineering and operations personnel
After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
■ Analyze the VoNR call model and its components
■ Step through the process of VoNR call setup and resource establishment
■ Highlight key features of 5G to support VoNR
■ Sketch the architecture of 5G and IMS to support Emergency calls
■ Step through the process of supporting Emergency calls in 5G
Course Prerequisites
1. VoNR Operations
1.1 VoNR Overview
1.2 VoNR Call Model
1.3 VoNR Call Setup
1.4 Resource Establishment
1.5 Paging and Policy Differentiation for Voice
Exercise: 5G VoNR Call Flow
Exercise: VoNR Exercises

2. Emergency Calls
2.1 Emergency Services Overview
2.2 Emergency Registration and PDU Session
2.3 IMS Emergency Registration and Call
2.4 Emergency Services Fallback
Exercise: Emergency Calls in 5G
Exercise: Emergency Services Fallback

Final Assessment