• Course Length:
  • 4 hour

This training provide high-level technical overview of containers and microservices along with their applications and their implementations used in the industry.

A high-level technical overview to personnel involved in product management, marketing, planning, design, engineering, and operations.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
■ Differentiate between light weight and heavy weight virtualization
■ Illustrate the container management components
■ Sketch microservice architecture and its relevance to containers
■ Identify the key container lifecycle management concepts
■ Step through the examples of uses of microservices

1. Server Host Virtualization
1.1 Server Virtualization
1.2 Virtual Servers - Challenges and Examples
1.3 5G Containerized Network Functions
Exercise: Knowledge Checks

2. Containers
2.1 What is a Container?
2.2 Role of Docker
2.3 Container Security
2.4 Open Container Initiative (OCI)
Exercise: Knowledge Checks

3. Container Orchestration
3.1 Container Management
3.2 Kubernetes Overview
3.3 Kubernetes Operations
Exercise: Knowledge Checks

4. Microservice Architecture
4.1 Microservices
4.2 Software Decomposition
Exercise: Knowledge Checks

Putting it all together
Final Assessment

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