Welcome to Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)
5G_114d | On-Demand | 5G Core | 1
Course Duration: 1 hour
Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) pushes cloud-computing capabilities closer to the user across multiple access network domains. This course provides an overview of the MEC framework, the underlying technology and its use cases.
Intended Audience
This course is designed for a broad audience of personnel working in the wireless industry.
After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
■ Define Multi-Access (or Mobile) Edge Computing (MEC)
■ List the benefits of MEC and key use cases for Industry 4.0
■ Illustrate end-to-end architecture of MEC in LTE and 5G networks
■ List key considerations and challenges of MEC deployment
Course Prerequisites
No Prerequisites
1. What and Why MEC?
1.1 What is MEC and Why?
1.2 Benefits of MEC
1.3 Location considerations for MEC deployment
1.4 Deployment use cases
Exercise: Knowledge check

2. MEC Architecture
2.1 End-to-end architecture of LTE and 5G for MEC
2.2 MEC application within operator's network
2.3 MEC application within customer premise
Exercise: Knowledge check

3. MEC Enablers and Deployment Scenarios
3.1 Enablers for MEC - Edge cloud, NFV, SDN
3.2 5G RAN and 5G Core for MEC
3.3 Overview of MEC operations
3.4 MEC deployment scenarios
3.5 Key considerations and challenges
Exercise: Knowledge check

Putting it all together
Final assessment