Welcome to Roaming in 5G
5G_125d | On-Demand | 5G Core | 1
Course Duration: 1 hour
Roaming refers to the ability of a mobile device to connect to a visited network and access services while outside its home network coverage area. 5G offers enhanced roaming capabilities, enabling faster and more reliable connections across diverse networks globally. This course provides an overview of 5G Network Roaming including an introduction to key use cases, roaming network elements and how key services are performed while roaming.
Intended Audience
This course is designed for a broad audience of personnel working in the wireless industry.
After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
■ Define 5G roaming scenarios in 4G/5G networks
■ Explain the security procedures in roaming scenarios
■ Sketch the most common roaming network architecture
■ Step through the 5G roaming operations
■ Explain how data and IMS services are delivered while roaming
1. What and Why Roaming
1.1 Defining Roaming
1.2 Benefits for Operators/Customers

2. 5G Roaming Architecture
2.1 5G-to-5G Roaming Architecture
2.2 5G-to-4G Roaming Architecture

3. 5G Operations in Roaming
3.1 Registration and Security Setup
3.2 Data Session Setup
3.3 Special Scenarios

4. Service Delivery in Roaming
4.1 IMS Service Delivery

Putting It All Together