5G Core Network Signaling and Operations Part 4: PDU Sessions in 5G
5G_220d | On-Demand | 5G Core | 2
Course Duration: 4 hours
This is the fourth course in a six-course set of self-paced courses encompassing 5G Core Network Signaling and Operations. In this course, you will learn about how PDU sessions in 5G are used to connect users to data networks. You will explore the signaling for establishing PDU sessions and how QoS Flows are added or removed from PDU sessions. You will also learn how user data is transferred between a UE and a data network, how usage records are collected for charging, and how 5G provides for service continuity when the IP address anchor changes.
Intended Audience
5G Core Network engineering, operations, and performance related job functions
After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
■ Explain the what and why of PDU sessions
■ Sketch the PDU session establishment signaling
■ Describe how QoS flows are added and removed from PDU sessions
Course Prerequisites
1. Establishing a PDU Session
1.1 Introduction to 5G PDU sessions
1.2 PDU session overview and establishment
1.3 Adding and removing QoS flows
1.4 PDU sessions and idle operations
Exercise: PDU session establishment signaling

2. PDU Session related topics
2.1 User plane traffic path
2.2 PDU sessions and charging
2.3 Session and service continuity (SSC) modes
Exercise: PDU sessions and charging flows

3. Exploring the signaling
3.1 Mastering PDU Session setup signaling
Exercise: PDU Session establishment