Welcome to 5G Private Networks
5G_117d | On-Demand | 5G Core | 1
Course Duration: 1 hour
The availability of licensed, unlicensed, and shared frequency spectrums as well as the capabilities of 5G networks enable the deployment of private networks for many verticals, including industrial automation, healthcare, etc. This training provides a technical overview of the private network architecture, key technology enablers, and the role of key players in deploying standalone private networks and operator-supported hybrid private networks.
Intended Audience
This course is designed for a broad audience of personnel working in the wireless industry.
After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
■ Define private networks per 3GPP specifications - Non-Public Network (NPN)
■ Provide a landscape of use cases for deploying private networks
■ Sketch the end-to-end architecture of standalone and operator-assisted private networks
■ Identify how 5G enables deployment of private networks
■ Identify key players, considerations and challenges of private network deployment
Course Prerequisites
No Prerequisites
1. Private Networks: What and Why?
1.1 What are private networks and why we need them?
1.2 Enterprise needs and use cases
1.3 How does 5G enable private networks?

2. Private Network Architecture
2.1 5G private network architecture options
2.2 Options for operator-managed private networks

3. Private Network Deployment Considerations
3.1 Key enablers of private 5G networks
3.2 Overview of private network operations
3.3 Deployment considerations and challenges

Putting It All Together

Final Assessment