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Award Solutions has a proven track record of agile development to deliver relevant training when and where you need it. We can take on the most time and mission-critical projects to provide you with a complete solution, from development to delivery to hosting.




Fiber Network Deployment Training

Award Solutions created a modular hands-on workshop to train 1000+ professionals, both external partners and internal employees, on new inventory systems and custom workflow process management applications.

  • 1500+ enrolled, 28+ hours of content updated weekly
  • “Never have I had a training where the instructor was as knowledgeable, not only on the class subject, but also how it applies to our network.”
  • “The Hands-on section was very useful and helpful. It is always a huge benefit to work on a system rather than just watching/hear about one.”
  • “It helped the pieces of processes fall into place for me that I only had a shadow of before.”



New Site Management Systems

Award Solutions created an interactive hands-on workshop updated weekly to train both employees and vendors as a Tier 1 wireless operator transitioned platforms for managing the deployment and upgrade of cell sites.

  • 1450+ enrolled, 8 hours of content updated weekly
  • “This hands on type of training is excellent. I wish more trainings were in this format. Being able to work along with […] and then have a small assignment kept my attention. I also like that the training is close to the actual launch of the product so I am less likely to completely forget what I learned.”
  • “Fantastic class overall. I wish every […] tool could have such a high quality class to go along with it.”
  • “I’ve been impressed with every Award Solutions course I have taken, and this one is no exception. Top notch.”



Field Engineer Skills Development with IP Networking Workshop

Award Solutions developed specialized labs and blended training for a customer deploying a nationwide 4G LTE network with a new IP network paradigm. The labs simulated the customer’s network and self-paced exercises and live SME-led troubleshooting kept training quick and efficient.

  • ~120 enrolled, 32 hours of content
  • “Enjoyed the relevance of it being presented outlining the [Our own network] design.”
  • “Very well organized!!!!”
  • “Good pace of live sessions and plenty of opportunity to ask questions.”
  • “I thought the instructor did great and appreciate that he was very responsive to my emails. The content was good and I thought the videos [..] worked well.”


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