Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployments are getting started while Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a relatively new concept within the telco industry. NFV proposes to leverage standard IT virtualization technology to consolidate network equipment types onto industry-standard high-volume servers, switches, and storage. SDN proposes to take the traditional implementation of the networking and disassemble it. Orchestration is a collection of solutions to automate the deployment and management of VNFs and network services.

This course defines a practical approach to LTE RAN capacity planning, using field data to assess the capacity demand on the LTE RAN, identify potential capacity bottlenecks, and determine optimal capacity solutions.

The connected devices around us generate volumes of data on our environment, habits, and needs. Machine Learning, the next frontier in connected life, uses artificial intelligence to learn from those massive datasets via predicting modeling analytics. Join this 90-minute session to learn the foundations of machine learning, the opportunities for new services, and the network demands expected to create a responsive, more personalized connected life.

More connected devices results in increased opportunities for would-be hackers to identity and exploit network vulnerabilities. Join this 90-minute session to examine the different components that make up an IoT solution, some common threat vectors, and how to secure them.

Smart, connected devices of all types fundamentally vary in their performance demands and network requirements. Join this 90-minute session on the Internet of Things, and how technologies like SDN and 5G will create an environment to launch IoT at scale.

5G_501 Introduction to 5G


5G_501 Introduction to 5G Dry Run


Wireless data traffic has multiplied every year for the last several years, and this trend is expected to continue with the advent of LTE Advanced, LTE Advanced Pro leading to 5G in the years to come. In order to cope with this exponential increase in demand, wireless service providers are augmenting their macro cellular networks with heterogeneous networks (HetNets), deploying small cell solutions to increase both coverage and capacity for their public, residential and enterprise subscribers.

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