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  • Course Length:
  • 4 hours

Industries are starting to leverage feature-rich tools that analyze massive, varied data sets to complete tasks more productively and effectively. Leaders spend a large amount of time interacting with data and studying the dashboards and visualizations created by their teams. Hence, their perspective of using a Visualization tool is quite different from their teams who need to create the visualizations. This course is focused on Leaders and teaches them techniques to interact with data for What If analysis to help with decision making.

This workshop is intended for Leaders who want to build skills related to visualizations and interacting with data using Tableau Reader.

After completing this course, the student will be able to:
■ Connect to a data source
■ Visualize KPIs that change over time
■ Use Visualizations for What If analysis
■ Visualize large data sets by leveraging power of Filters
■ Use Dashboards for Visualizations

1. Introduction to Visualization and Tableau Reader
1.1 Why use Visualizations?
1.2 Why use Visualization Tools?
1.3 The Process for Visualization Design
1.4 Tableau - Suite of Products
1.5 Getting started with Tableau Reader
Exercise: Navigation of Tableau Reader

2. Visualization Concepts
2.1 Dimensions and Measures
2.2 Continuous and Discrete
2.3 Time Series - Continuous and Discrete
2.4 Visualizing Time Series

3. What If Analysis using Tableu Reader
Exercise: Highlighting Data of Interest
Exercise: Filtering Data
Exercise: Using Parameters
Exercise: Using Dashboard Actions
Exercise: Using Playback/Animation
Exercise: Editing Colors
Exercise: Sorting Options
Exercise: Exporting Data

4. Industry Applications for Visualization
Exercise: Putting it All Together

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